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3 "hidden functions" of wiper blade

June 15 , 2021

The main function of the windshield wiper on the car is to remove raindrops and dust attached to the windshield of the vehicle, to ensure that the driver's vision is not blocked when driving. However, the wiper bladehas 3 helpful "hidden functions" even the car is turned off.

1. determine the position of the tire

When the view in the car is blocked to a certain extent, it is hard for drivers especially novice drivers to distinguish the position of the wheel, which requires a lot of practical driving experience. but the position of the wheel can be more easily pinpointed by using the wiper as a reference. If the raised position on the left side of the wiper overlaps with the obstacle on the ground, it indicates that the left side of the wheel just passed the obstacle, and the same principle is applied to the right side. You can quickly judge whether the car is parked in correct area by determining the location of obstacles and wipers.

2. side parking

Nowadays, most of the parking spaces in the city are relatively tight, so that the skills of side parking are very important. For novices, bumps are easy to happen as they can't stop or dare not stop, and not sure when to turn the steering wheel. at this time, we can use the universal wiper bladeas a reference. When the node on the right side of the wiper coincides with the boundary line on the side of the road, the steering wheel needs turned left. When the vehicle is straightened, 10 cm between the car and the roadside is perfect, which no need to worry about friction.

3. judge the distance from the side of the car

it is difficult to master the distance to the side of the car for novices, especially when the road is narrow and can't judge whether the car can pass or be blocked. When the car is driving, if the water sprayer on the right side of the wiper overlaps with the object or line on the road, it means that there is a distance of 60 cms between the right side of the car body and the object. The situation on the left is viewed from the driver’s point of view. The driver’s line of sight and the center line intersect the corner of the panel and the column. at this time, the distance between the vehicle body and the center line is about 60 cm, which is a safer distance.

taking the wiper as a reference, it is still very useful for novice drivers.

الدردشة الآن
الدردشة الآن
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